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"Terms of Usage"

Military Front for Families (MFF): is not affiliated in any way with the Department of Defense or any Government agencies or branches of the Armed Services. The purpose of this site is to give advice only and is to be used for suggestions to aid in any question you may have. MFF does not claim to be the final authority in any matters that arise but is here to give helpful information. Information on this site is strictly offered as a source to help, it is not intended to harass or hurt any persons or group.

MFF claims no credit on the work done by other sites. We are only offering the links as source of help and information. If there is a link we have which another site Webmaster would like removed, will we do so upon notice.

Discussion Forum: The terms listed below have been created to insure all guest of MFF have an opportunity to voice his or her views. They are for use on our forum, are not negotiable and will be enforced by the MFF Webmaster. We strongly encourage our guest to use SAFE internet practices when posting on our forum.

  • Guest should not use their full name or address when posting.

  • Guest should not post Unit information or current deployment status.

  • MFF will NOT ask a 3rd party to contact you for personal information. If you are contacted please notify MFF Webmaster immediately.

  • The views and opinions expressed at our forum do not necessarily represent the views of MFF, but are those of the individual(s) posting.

MFF Webmaster has determined the following as inappropriate & will have sole discretion on removing or editing posts containing the following:
  • Unit information(Will be removed)
  • Currant deployment status of any unit(Will be removed)
  • Full name and rank of Active duty member(Will be removed)
  • Name calling
  • Spamming
  • Using another's name
  • Any post removed will be replaced by the following message:
    "Post removed by MFF Webmaster. Please review our Terms of Usage"

Repeat Offenders:
  • Guest who continuously violate MFF Terms of Usage will be contact by the webmaster through e-mail and asked NOT to return and their ISP number will be blocked.
  • If a guest returns after being asked not to their ISP will be notified of their harassing behavior.
MFF Webmaster will upon request edit a post for a guest. In doing this the following message will appear in it's place.
  • Message has be edited by request of Jane"
  • All replying posts will be left as originally posted.


  • MFF will list product information sent to us by many source as products that have helped them.
  • By listing, products or sites offering products for sale does imply MFF'S endorsement of those product or services.
  • MFF will remove any product form a list that we receive a complaint on.
MFF respect the rights and opinions of all. We ask that those who visit our site do the same. MFF will not sell or attempt to profit from any information given to us by our visitors. Any information given will be by consent of the person or persons and not by MFF

All graphics, opening page statements and logo's are the property of MFF and it's Webmaster. Anyone wishing to use such logo's or statements must contact the webmaster before doing so at MFF Webmaster.

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